Defensive Trustee Reporting 9/20/2016

Meeting Notes

What are the defenses available to trustees against claims brought by trust beneficiaries?   How much does one disclose – and when – in regards to trust accounting and background?  What due diligence should be in place when accepting a successor fiduciary position; or when a trust relationship is terminated?  Why is it important to have a proactive strategy in order to minimize potential conflicts?  This presentation will discuss the fundamentals of trust reporting and ways to more fully expand on defensive strategies.

Hilary A. Newcomb has worked in the estate and trust field for her entire legal career.  She practices fiduciary litigation, probate and trust administration, estate planning, guardianships and conservatorships.  She has prior experience in the areas of taxable estate planning, charitable foundations, business formation, trust and estate dispute resolution and trial practice.  She earned her J.D. at Santa Clara University’s School of Law and her B.A. from Santa Clara University. Hilary has presented before many groups and has authored published articles about estate planning.